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A la Carta

A free digital directory

“A la Carta” is a free digital directory that brings together local businesses from different cities and industries to promote and offer their products and / or services to clients, prospects, and the general public.

  • By being enrolled in "A la Carta", your business will obtain:
  • Free advertising
  • Better and greater visibility
  • Digital presence at no cost
  • Current updated information, services, products, or promotions
  • Make it easy to be found.
  • Increase your likelihood of increasing your sales.
  • Links to your web pages or social networks
  • Be part of a local business network.


Customers, prospects and the general public can search by filtering by sectors, products, services and cities, easily and quickly, from their mobile device or laptop.

We are Agents of Change!

We created our platform with professionalism, with the sole purpose of transforming it into a meeting point between businesses and their clients or prospects. Therefore, all information contained herein is administered and managed carefully and safely, while maintaining the confidentiality of all users.

"A la Carta" is a super valuable platform that will help you boost your business.

It is a pleasure to have you be part of it!